About Us

Sweet Peach Fitness was founded by our CEO Zara Ollywood in 2020. It was started as a small waist training and body shaping business, but quickly grew as raising Entrepreneurs demanded an online presence where they could shop Pretty Girl styles and easily accessible products to help keep them focused on their businesses and not so pressed about the gym. We then decided to dedicate our brand to an industry where female hustlers take control of their future and careers worldwide. Fast forward to today, Sweet Peach Fitness has added apparel where we represent Pretty Girl Hustles that do not have to be in a gym to stay fit. We slay and work our butts off, all day and remain awesome.

Pretty Is HER workout!

Our goal is to provide our customers with stylist yet comfy clothing all while offering the best possible experience to our loyal and committed customers. If this is your first time shopping with us we cannot wait for you to be part of Sweet Peach Fit collections! Sign up for our texts and emails to be kept in the loop!

Thank you for shopping with us ❤️